Kirby Vogler Tries to Blame Therapist

Kirby Vogler of Champion Contractors & Services – Commercial, LLC in Round Rock, TX, was evidently so mad or even embarrassed that his wife fell in love with her therapist that he created a website to defame the therapist. He must have gone over the edge when Michelle told him (this is a quote from Kirby’s website) that: “At this point in the therapy, I started to have romantic feelings for Guy. I did not know then but later learned, that these feelings are common in the therapist/client relationship and are referred to as “Transference”. When I told Guy of my feelings, he even discussed with me the fact that the feelings were normal and were “transference”, but he assured me that he could not react to them and that this was something we would discuss and monitor as the therapy sessions continued.” This is a direct quote from Kirby Vogler’s website.

Obviously, Michelle Vogler was falling in love with her therapist, but don’t blame the therapist! Especially if the therapist says he could not react to her feelings for him!