Michelle Vogler Admits She Fell in Love With Her Therapist

Why would a woman blame her therapist if she fell in love with him?? Maybe because she was embarrassed? Maybe because her husband found out?

Well, evidently Kirby Vogler did find out that his wife fell in love with her therapist, Guy Yeadon. He even posted on a website he created to defame the therapist that Michelle said that her therapist (Guy Yeadon): “…was charismatic, had a great sense of humor, seemed caring and had an easy-going nature that appealed to me…”. She continues, “At this point in the therapy, I started to have romantic feelings for Guy.”

That must have really made Kirby Vogler mad. But Kirby ultimately blames it on her therapist. Maybe the Voglers have an unstable marriage. But making up lies about the therapist isn’t the answer.